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           Please Take A Listen!  

Pure Sound Recording Services is a new service offered by AV Resilience and draws on the extensive recording experience of Iain Betson, the owner.                 It offers a location recording service (we come to you) to choirs and classical music performers. 

Choir micPlease take a listen to some audio samples of our work: (Note these samples are in MP3 format and not indicative of the quality of the original recordings, all of which were recorded too at least CD quality and, in some cases, higher.)

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          What's Your Experience?  

Iain Betson is BBC trained music balancer with over 30 years experience in recording music of all genres.

In that time, amongst many recordings, he has recorded two Cambridge College Choirs, leading to the commercial release of CDs. He has recorded major pop artists, orchestras and choirs for radio broadcast, as well as assisting in the engineering of the broadcasts of the BBC Proms and A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols from Kings College, Cambridge. 

          How Much Does It Cost?  

That depends upon your requirements. For example CD prices start at £2.99 each for 500 discs, professionally produced and packaged in a cello-wrapped jewelled case, complete with a 4 sided insert.

Selling your CDs at a market average price of £7.00 will net a profit of over £2000 for your organisation.

But we understand that having the ability to pay for the whole cost of a recording at once could be prohibitive, so to address this we offer an innovative way to pay. One that will allow you to produce a fund raising CD much faster and use this to both fund the recording process and create an on-going income.

This how it works: Put simply, it is easy payment terms: We divide up the cost of the whole project and bill you monthly*. Once the first month’s payment is made we can arrange a recording date and produce the CD. Once created, you can start selling it straight away, thus raising funds and gaining promotion for your choir. You continue to pay in monthly instalments until the balance is settled. No longer do you have to wait whilst you raise funds to pay for the production cost in one lump sum. 

Extending this payment model further, perhaps you have the opportunity to create another recording, such as a live performance, soon after the first. We can schedule this recording in and divide the cost for it into monthly instalments too, but we will not start billing you for this recording until after the previous one is paid for, thereby easing your cash-flow. *Direct-debit payments required. 

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        Why Make a Recording?  

As a memento: All that rehearsing for the single evening’s concert. Wouldn’t a quality recording of the proceedings top the event off? 

To improve: There is nothing like hearing a recording to aid improvement. A quick recording on a ‘phone may capture some of the performance but a member is bound to say “I can’t hear the basses”! 

To raise funds: Selling CDs, or digital downloads, on the choir’s website can create a valuable income stream that can be ploughed back into development. 

For a completion entry: Competitions sometimes have preliminary rounds that request your entry as a recording. A quality recording will help get you onto the rounds that count.

To gain publicity:  An appearance on BBC Radio 3 or Classic FM is more likely with a quality recording.

To be professional:  In all aspects your choir strives to be as professional as it can be. Yet all too often the quality of the recording of a performance leaves so much to be desired. Camera phones are not dedicated devices to record sound, meaning many compromises are made. To create a recording, that you expect people to pay for, you require dedicated and specialist recording equipment, and someone who knows how to operate it.

          Isn’t It Complicated?   

Not when you have the right knowledge and experience. The aim of a recording is to capture the artist’s natural performance, not alter if for the microphones. In essence you perform and Pure Sound Recording Services does the” technical artistry” to capture it.

 3 by 1 Rule Chorus