Early Years Conditioning In Action

Or "Don't Try These, You May Not Like Them"

When the time comes to take your business to the next level I strongly recommend you consider signing-up with your local Sandler Sales Training franchise and use their system in part of your “sales winning armoury”.

I’m really at the start of this journey, but already it’s been highlighted to me that, one of the things that hold us back from converting prospects into sales, is ourselves and the baggage we carry around in our heads.

For instance, a fear of rejection making us paralysed at the thought of approaching a prospect or even, heaven forbid, cold-calling. (In fact Sandler teach you that, if you do your preparation properly, there should be no such thing as a cold call.)

Talking about money could be a big issue too. You may feel uncomfortable talking about the prices you charge, or your hourly rate.

Money is so vulgar

Do you recall your parents saying “It’s rude to talk about money” or “Don’t ask someone how much they earn”?

It’s that kind or conditioning that is ingrained in us from an early age, and we carry it through to adulthood and, thus, our sales technique. 

You're not going to like these..

This was never so true in the example I saw today. My local super-market had a samples table in the entrance. There were lots of things to try (even 5 types of whiskey!) including some black pepper and mustard crisps. I tried some and then made-way for a lady with two children, I would guess at around 5 and 6, to try them too.

But before they could their mother said.

“Let me try them first, you may find them too hot”



It maybe hot but I like it


Conditioning in action!

How would she know if the children found the crisps too hot? They may like them that way? After all, we all have different tastes, even from a young age. And anyway what if they did find the taste disagreeable? They were free, so there was very little to lose!

Whilst a seemingly an insignificant action, their mother had instilled in her children a conditioning that they do not like spicy food, even if they actually do. What else was she telling them that they did not like that could perhaps hamper them in later life?

Next time you feel held back in a sales transaction by some inbuilt fear you have from you-know-not-where, cast your mind back to your early years and look there. Knowing where this fear comes from, and how, will allow to you address it and so become that much better at winning business.

And the crisps?

They were very nice actually: Peppery to start, with a mild mustard taste at the end.

Iain Betson