I Know Donald Trump Is An Idiot (In at least one area)


A Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools

Is, in what seems is half the World’s perception, Donald Trump, at the very least, a gaff-prone buffoon?

Now there’s a question.

I can’t in all honesty say one-way or the other. I accept that he is obviously excellent at creating wealth for himself and, probably, jobs for many people. He also appears to have views on a great many things not to his liking, which I find offensive.

But is he an idiot? I'm not sure.

Hang-on, yes I am. I do know he is an idiot in one area I am qualified to comment on.

His microphone technique is utterly useless.

Which, when you think about the job he is applying for and its necessity for both diplomacy and public speaking, is a serious flaw.
First we had the insulting the PA tech “I don’t like this microphone” incident. This was clearly a case of a bad workman blaming his tools. The mic wasn’t rubbish Donald: You just didn’t know how to use it in its location. Criticising a professional or profession is not going to win you hearts and minds (or votes).


Then he joined the ranks of those that had made the mistake of forgetting that when microphones are around you are careful in what you say. Here Mr Trump is in the esteemed company of Gordon Brown, Prince Charles, John Major and George W Bush to name a few.

Still it’s sweet revenge from the audio profession indeed.

Contrast this with Harriet: An up and coming singer/songwriter. She is being hailed as the next big thing and I think this is very likely. She has been making (sound)waves on BBC Radio 2, who love her, since her vocals sound uncannily like the late Karen Carpenter, so sits comfortably in their core artists.

At an hour’s notice, I was asked to record a quick two-song session for BBC local radio with her and her guitar accompaniment: I took two AKG 414 mics, a mixer and a reverb for the voice. That was it.
I like simple rigs like that.

Harriet’s only request was to stand to sing (quite reasonable). The guitarist said he would sing backing vocals, which caught me out as I only had the two mics, so I angled the AKG 414 to work with both the instrument and his voice, he was happy with that and the result was pleasing. Harriet was easy to get along with , she knows how to use the microphone, and we recoded two songs with ease.
From our conversation I have no reason to suspect that, when she makes it big, as I am sure she will, she will not make those deva type demands of the unprofessional.

It is the rank amateurs, throwing their toys out of the pram that do. (Are you listening Trump?)

In closing, I leave you with one of the songs we recorded: “Broken For You”.


Iain Betson