VMR: Virgin Megastores Radio & My Part in It (Part 2)

In part 2 of this blog about my time at Virgin Megastores Radio (VMR) I recall some of the higher profile events that I was involved with, the stations wind-down and subsequent closure.

Outside events
From 1996 to 1999, Virgin Retail signed a sponsorship deal with the V and the Reading Festivals. To support this, VMR, during shop opening hours, was broadcast live from Reading and Chelmsford leg of V.

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VMR: Virgin Megastores Radio & My Part in It (Part 1)

This blog came to being after a post I saw on a forum enquiring into what became of HMV Radio, the in-store station for the chain of UK based HMV record shops.

One of the posts mentioned Virgin Megastores Radio, the equivalent, and I would stop short at saying rival, service produced by Virgin Retail for their store outlets. In the early part of my freelance career, resulting from me being made redundant from a studio installation company, I gained the station as a client.

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