Twin PPM Meters

Continuing the subject of my last blog, namely attention to levels in podcasts, I have to confess that for someone who was, until recently, a “radio fan”, having no loyalty to a particular station since my listening to broadcast radio was wide and varied, Marconi’s brainchild is now no-longer my first choice for audio listening. As I outlined previously, podcasts offer an almost limitless scope of subjects, opinion (let’s call it that and not stray in to “fake news” territory) and “colour”.

Overall though, it must be said the production values of only a few can be said to be great, the ones that are clearly made by seasoned “radio people” stand out like a beacon: Well scripted, researched and structured and, in the aspect of audio production I hold dear, technically well produced too. Unfortunately, a great deal, whilst editorially well meaning, are marred by simple mistakes and poor technical execution.
So, I hope this blog will be a form of “workshop” that, should you both read this and be producer of Podcasts, will gain some benefit from.

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