He's Your Man
It’s a long story as to why I went, but a couple of weeks ago I saw George Michael at the Liverpool Echo Area. In a nutshell my wife and 2 daughters bought tickets to see him over a year ago, I deciding the “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” man wasn’t really my bag.

However, due to George having to postpone his concerts due to illness, in the intervening time my eldest has gone to university and, rather than letting the ticket go to waste, muggins here got roped into going.

And I’m so glad I did. Not only from a musical point of view but also from a technical one.

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Have You A Room For The Night?
Recently we have been staying in a hotel on business. It’s a large, multi-roomed central London establishment with a guest dining room to match. The UK travel agencies are hoping that 2012 will be a bumper year for the number of visitors to spend their holidays in London. This year has seen the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Olympics and Paralympics, yet based on a recent experience in this hotel, we are not so sure that the travel agents forecasts were correct.

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It’s Lurking In There Somewhere
One of AV Resilience’s long-standing clients is a radio station in the centre of the UK. We have been keeping it on-air for about ten years now. On the wall in Studio A, is a plaque saying it was opened in 1995. I’m sure the owners would agree that the whole facility is not in the best of condition now but, hey, we do our best “keeping the meters moving” and what’s more we enjoy it!

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So what was hailed by IOC President Jacques Rogge as a Games that was “happy and glorious”, the London 2012 Olympics closed last night with a spectacular display of British music and quirkiness. UK music greats from Taio Cruz, Jessie J, to Brian May and Madness entertained the crowd along with dancers, acrobats, fireworks and stunning lighting effects. 

Live in the stadium it may have sounded superb but on the TV? Oh dear. All I could ask, along with many on Twitter, was “What happened to the sound?”

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AV Resilience has, in one form or another, been working in the professional AV and broadcast sectors for about 22 years now and you would like to think in that time we would have learnt about every industry and market sector that requires our services.

From recording studios, TV stations, radio stations, production facilities, theatres, PA, festivals, you name it, we have provided services to it. Yet there is always a market out there ready to surprise us.

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20120418 HiFiAudioPocketBook

We may have the internet as an infinite source of knowledge but having a hardcopy of useful, and accurate, information in your toolbox is invaluable. Everything is in it from Minidisc (remember them?) to valves. Cross-over network calculations and surround sound setup.

I can recommend this book as both an education and reference source. Vivian Cappel really knows his stuff, don't believe everything you read on Wiki!

Here at AVR we had an interesting call from a client today asking why the music on hold on his phone-in system sometimes sounded like there was a force 100 gale blowing over it yet other times it sounded ok.


A few questions later and we had pretty much nailed why it sounded so poor. The unfortunate thing is, it is out of our hands to fix it.

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